I am love.

I wanted to start off this new little journey I am taking into blogging by sharing this poem that I wrote. It was the first time that I really expressed myself outwardly online in a really genuine way, and the response I got back from the community around me was amazing. I was overwhelmed by the love and kindness that I received in return for my vulnerability and courage. Ever since then, I have felt so willing to be vulnerable and to share what I’m learning about myself with the world, and that’s why I’m starting this blog. I want to practice courage, vulnerability, and connection. And I want to give back what so many people have given me.

I am only learning and just beginning this journey of self-love, inner peace, outward joy, and spirituality, but I want to keep track of it somewhere. Of course, I keep a journal. But that’s for me. I want something that’s for you. For anyone. Something that people might be able to relate to. I want to share my struggles, my ups and downs, my roller coaster ride from meditation to frustration and from prayer to fear. It’s all here. It’s all out on the table. From me to you. And it starts with this poem.

I am love. 

I love myself for my flaws.
I love myself for my mistakes.
I love myself for my weaknesses.
I love myself for my darkness.
I love myself for my skeletons in the closet.
And I love myself with forgiveness.

I love myself for everything I do not yet know and have left to learn.
I love myself for every mistake I have made and regret I have.
I love myself because I know with love, and only with love, can I heal and become a stronger, fuller person.
I love myself because it is the most powerful weapon I have against the world.

I love myself because deep down, I am beautiful inside and out.
I love myself because I can, because it feels good, and whole, and right.
I love myself because that is what I am born to do, that is what I am made of.
I love myself because that, in itself, is a small miracle.

I love myself because I believe in what I can do and because I am afraid of what I cannot, and love is all I have to combat fear.
I love myself because when there is no one else, nothing else, it will be all that I have and will still be whole.

I love myself because when the sun shines on me from the side and my shadow stretches on the concrete, I realize that only with light and warmth can I be bigger than myself.
Only with love.
That is why I love myself.
That is why we must all love ourselves.


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