30 minutes of gratitude.

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I am grateful for the morning sun gracing my face with its tender hands. For the moon at night and its sparkling glance off the ocean. I am grateful for deep slumber and lazy mornings. For the adventure of adventure, but also just the adventure of being alive.

I am grateful for the web of intertwining, tangled people that hold me, cradle me, and keep me safe. But also for the trapeze artists who swing down, clasp my hand in theirs, and throw me to new heights, be it in life, in laughter, in love. I am grateful for all of the beautiful individuals who I hold so dear. For those who know me so well that even when I can hide from myself I cannot hide from them. I am grateful for those who make me roll on the floor with laughter, literally. Who dare me to dream, to be, to love. I am grateful for the boundless kindness and love that those close to me give me as gifts to treasure.

I am grateful for my sadness, the shocking dagger of it, the dull ache, the tireless ripple lapping against my hull. There are times when I could lose myself in the dark, hopelessness of it, but I am grateful for it because it grounds me and re-aligns me with my passions, my desires. The shadows paint a picture of the light.

I am grateful for my inner fire, the dragon of my soul, the burning passion, the Goddess Kalika within me. I am forever in gratitude of the moments in which she has been unleashed and allowed to soar. The words that role off her tongue.

I am grateful for the beauty that is inherent to every footstep we take on this planet. The sky, the ocean, the blue touching blue where horizon seals a kiss. I am grateful for the serenity of a sunset, the quiet of the full moon, the peace of floating in a sunbeat sea, the eerie call of the loon.

I am grateful for the presence around us, within us; spirit, in whatever realm or sense that may be. I am grateful for the quiet, meditative moments of connection with the wonder of the Universe, and for the calm patience that comes with that unity.I am grateful for my mind, my learning. For hope, for pursuit. For dreams and fears. For all that drives me on my path and keeps me from straying from my true heart’s beat.I am grateful, eternally, for my family. And the endless support which they have granted me.I am grateful that I have a cozy bed in which to sleep, a safe home in which I am protected from the cold. I am grateful that I can nourish my body with good, healthy, whole food. For the strength in my body to allow me to walk, and run, and swim, and dance. The stretch and strength and power that I feel from the mindful practice of yoga.

I am grateful that I have seen so much of the world, both so much beauty and so much tragedy. I am grateful for the sails, the shells, the sand, the phosphorescent trails left by frolicking dolphins on our bow. For the kindness of strangers and generosity of unknown hands. For the discovery, the growth, the becoming.

I am grateful for my love of writing, for my ability to paint with words. I am grateful for the joy I receive from simply putting metaphorical pen to paper and the magical feeling of trust in my voice.

I am grateful for my willingness to be vulnerable, in creativity and in love. I am grateful for my past relationships that have allowed me to grow beyond boundaries I did not even known existed and to learn to draw new lines in the sand. I am grateful that I am learning the true meaning of integrity and that I am doing all that I can to embrace it.

I am grateful for the people who inspire me every single day to never give up, simply by being who they are and sharing their commitment and passion with the world. I am grateful for the hope I feel because of them, and for the pounding force of community that allows me to retain my belief in human goodness.

I am grateful for you, for reading this. Sometimes I can feel you from here.

I am grateful that in thirty minutes of writing, I did not come near to running out of things to be grateful for.

I am grateful for the moment that lingers in the air after lips touch, for the smell of morning dewdrops that clear my lungs with fresh breath, for the magic of a sudden rainstorm and the ability to forgive the skies for their indecision. I am grateful for cinnamon sticks, mala beads, candle light, holiday tea, big furry dogs, books and books, arbutus trees, fine art, faith, trust, honest, and music that lights me up inside.

Finally, I am grateful for this moment. For every moment. And I am grateful for gratitude.


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